The 2011 Riverside Oval Calendar: Contemporary Images of Audubon Park

The 2011 Riverside Oval calendar is now available and this year’s edition is spectacular. Contrasting with the 2010 calendar that focused on the Audubon Park of days gone by, the 2011 calendar has 15 contemporary photographs of the Audubon Park Historic District. The calendar is wall-sized and costs $10 ($2,50 for shipping and handling if mailed). All proceeds benefit the Riverside Oval Association and its community improvement activities.


The northern end of the Audubon Park Historic District:
The Grinnell, The Sutherland, and The Lafayette
Photograph by Paula Winograd ©2010, all rights reserved.

The Photographs

Highlighting the Audubon Park Historic District’s architecture, the photographs in the 2011 calendar contrast finely detailed images of individual architectural features with panoramic aerial views. Taken from windows on the upper floors of apartment buildings adjacent to the APHD, these aerial views show the neighborhood from a vantage point most residents do not normally experience.

The Photographer: Paula Winograd

Paula Winograd, who photographed all of the images for the 2011 calendar, was educated at Parsons and at the International Center of Photography in New York. Her home is in Bogota, Colombia but she still visits New York City regularly. Paula works with photography, video, printmaking, audio, radio, and plants, using her art as a tool for community empowerment. She is the cofounder of Fundación Musgo, a non-profit organization through which she is currently developing Lunchbox Stories, an oral history project and Film on Air, a mobile system of bringing film into the barrios of Medellin.

ca925-ceilingdetailLobby ceiling (detail): The Vauxhall (780 Riverside Drive)
Photograph by Paula Winograd ©2010, all rights reserved.

The Riverside Oval Association

The Riverside Oval Association is a neighborhood group that seeks to improve the environment and the sense of community of the population living in the blocks west of Broadway, between 155th and 160th streets. In 2009-2010, the Riverside Oval Association installed four new tree guards (all totaled, the ROA has installed 29 tree guards in the area), sponsored a well-attended 225th birthday party of John James Audubon, held a jazz concert at the Church of the Intercession, featuring music about roses to raise awareness of the Heritage Rose District of New York City, and continued its work beautifying the oval park in Riverside Drive at the foot of 156th Street (the source of the Association’s name).

The Association has recently received support from the Neighborhood Fund of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Citizens for NYC, the New York City Council through the efforts of Council Member Robert Jackson, private donations and sales of calendars, and from film and television productions that shoot features and pilots in the neighborhood.
Order Your Calendar.

To order: Email, call (917) 301-1120, or write to V. Ducat, 790 Riverside Drive, Apt. 12A, New York, NY 10032. Please write checks to: Washington-Heights Inwood Coalition (the Riverside Oval Association’s fiscal conduit).

List of photographs
Cover: Audubon Park Historic District looking north
January: Panorama of The Grinnell (800 RSD), The Sutherland (611 West 158th), and The Lafayette (609 West 158th Street)
February: Scribe grotesque, an architectural feature at 884 Riverside Drive
March: Audubon Terrace from The Vauxhall (780 RSD)
April: Detail of Trinity Cemetery Gates
May: Sunset on The Vauxhall’s upper floors (780 RSD balconies and mosaics)
June: Painted tiles, 156-08 Riverside Drive West lobby
July: Bas relief, Hispanic Society Library and Museum, 155th Street side
August: Upper floors of The Sutherland (611 West 158th Street balconies and architectural detail)
September: Lobby ceiling detail, The Vauxhall (780 Riverside Drive)
October: Aerial panorama of the Riviera (790 RSD), Rhinecleff Court (788 RSD), and the Vauxhall (790 RSD)
November: Aerial view of The Church of the Intercession and Trinity Cemetery
December: George Washington Bridge at dusk from Riverside Drive
January 2012: The Washington Heights (160th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Back cover: Detail of a pair of doors on 158th Street west of Riverside Drive
Photographs by Paula Winograd ©2010, all rights reserved.