Where Better to Spend Audubon’s 227th Birthday than His Former Home in Northern Manhattan?

The Riverside Oval Association is commemorating John James Audubon’s 227th Birthday on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 3PM in the Riverside Oval (156th Street at Riverside Drive), a few steps from the site of the naturalist’s final home in northern Manhattan.
The event will feature a talk by Harvey Flad, a geographer and professor emeritus from Vassar College, who lived in the neighborhood and worked at the American Geographical Society in the 1960s. Matthew Spady, local historian and webmaster of AudubonParkNY.com, will give a presentation on the historical antecdents of Riverside Drive and the reason two separate Riverside Drives run between 155th and 165th Streets.
Everyone is welcome to join members and friends of the Oval Association for cake, beverages, and a hearty chorus of “Happy Birthday” to Audubon: admission is free.